Our mission

We're changing the way that reproductive health is diagnosed, treated and managed - for all women globally

We live in a world where our understanding of ailments is overwhelmingly based on male studies. Reproductive healthcare has historically been overlooked, leaving us with a gender health gap which is having an effect on millions of women every day.

At Bloomful, we believe access to high quality reproductive healthcare should be friction-free, compassionate and personalised to all who need it. Improving gender equity in healthcare will not only improve wellbeing for women, but will make long term standards of care better for everyone.

Dupe Burgess

CEO and Founder

Dupe is passionate about building a more equitable healthcare system. She worked as an NHS doctor for 6 years, before joining the global consulting firm BCG and working on a number of strategy projects for NHS trusts. 

Bloomful was inspired by a combination of her clinical experience as a doctor and her personal experience of healthcare provision for women.

When she's not working on Bloomful, you'll find her on a yoga mat, learning French or running after her two young kids.