We're setting a new benchmark for women's healthcare

In a world where gynaecological and reproductive care is often sidelined, millions of women face a daily battle to get their voices heard.

At Bloomful, we're rewriting the script by pioneering a friction-free, personalised healthcare journey tailored to every individual's needs.

Our mission? Break barriers. Bridge gaps. Build a brighter future for women's health, and in doing so, elevate healthcare standards for everyone.

Meet Team Bloomful

Our growing team has a shared vision: to make gynae care accessible, affordable, and empowering. We bring a unique blend of backgrounds and perspectives to deliver science-led, empathic healthcare solutions.

Dr Dupe Burgess

Founder and CEO
Dupe worked as a medical doctor for 8 years, before transitioning into strategy consulting at BCG. She then started Bloomful with a mission to improve access to gynae care for women globally.

Luke Barge

Full Stack Engineer
Luke is a seasoned computer scientist with experience in software engineering spanning national security, telecoms, and finance. He is currently merging his tech skills with healthcare by pursuing a degree in medicine.

Léa Marais

Head of Operations
Léa has 14 years of experience in innovation and product development in the digital health space, facilitating the adoption of regulated products. She oversees operations at Bloomful.

Dr Danielle Perro

Research Lead
Danielle received a PhD from Oxford University for her research into endometriosis and chronic pelvic pain. Through data analysis she helps Bloomful prioritise product features for our users.

Eleni Stefanou

Content & Brand Strategist

Eleni is an award-winning editor, writer, and producer. For 15+ years she's managed teams, led digital marketing campaigns and created content at The Guardian and BFI amongst others.

Clinical team

Dr Georgina Leslie

Gynaecologist & Clinical Lead
Dr. Leslie trained in the highly regarded Gynaecology Diagnostic and Treatment Unit at University College London Hospitals. She has worked in leading hospitals for 15 years and is passionate about hormone health.

Dr Teju Olaoye

Dr Olaoye is a gynaecological surgeon specialising in fibroids and cancer management. She has been practising gynaecology for 14 years and is dedicated to addressing racial disparities in healthcare.

Grace Sobers

Women's Health Nurse Practitioner
Nurse Sobers brings 18 years of experience supporting women in healthcare settings. Armed with a Master of Science in Women's Health, her impactful work has been recognised by the New England Journal of Medicine.

Our advisors

Our values


Trust and integrity are paramount when it comes to health. We take our commitment to our people seriously and hold ourselves accountable in everything we do.


We strive for uncompromising standards - from how we communicate to the technology we build. Only through excellence will we truly elevate women's healthcare.


We're here to improve the lives of women by challenging the status quo. We won’t rest until we’ve raised the standard of healthcare for women throughout the world.


The problems we solve affect women from all backgrounds, which is why we work collaboratively to build solutions for their diverse needs. We firmly believe that diverse perspectives lead to better solutions.


The current healthcare system was built on old models that fail to centre women. We bring creative solutions to complex problems to redress this imbalance and improve healthcare for everyone. 

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