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Complete our clinically-validated questionnaire to find out what could be causing your symptoms.

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Bloomful is for all the women who were told to take a painkiller and push through the pain.

Women's healthcare is broken and we won't rest until it's transformed. 

We're creating a new approach powered by specialists, so you can get answers and solutions within days and weeks, instead of months and years.

How it works

Our assessment tool, Lana, helps you understand what might be going on with your symptoms. Soon, we'll be able to connect you with our team of specialists and give you tailored support for your gynae health.

Avoid surprises

Waiting lists lead to symptoms worsening and options fading. Bloomful offers clarity and reassurance without delay.

Be heard

Our doctors will hear you out and never dismiss a detail - because details can lead to the right diagnosis.

Feel empowered

We make you aware of all the options so you can make informed decisions about your body.

What people are saying

“The doctor was so helpful and gave me confidence.
For the first time ever, I felt listened to.”

Millie, 26, London

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