Trusted gynae care on your terms

From painful periods to low mood, Bloomful streamlines your health journey, connecting you to experienced clinicians and personalised care for a deeper understanding of your symptoms.

Bloomful builds innovative tools that simplify women's healthcare.

We’re here to improve women's wellbeing by developing better ways to diagnose and manage the most common gynaecological health issues.

Take charge of your health

Bloomful delivers personalised, accessible gynaecological care by matching and connecting you to best-in-class clinicians. From blood tests to health coaching, achieve streamlined care and a personalised plan,​ tailored to you.

Our technology

Our triage tool Lana combines data insights, conditional reasoning and medical best practice into a unique algorithm. Our user-friendly tool helps you understand symptoms and make the right decisions for your health.

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Driving change through research

We believe transforming healthcare begins with a nuanced understanding of how the current system impacts women. Through research and collaboration, Bloomful is committed to generating data-driven insights to power policy and change.

You're in safe hands

Our world-class team of doctors comes from leading NHS hospitals and gynaecology units.

Specialists in women’s health, they handle everything from hormone imbalances and pain management to contraception and fertility.

Dr Dupe Burgess

Bloomful Founder & CEO

Dr Anne Gauthey-Sebert

GP, women's health specialist

Dr Gerogina Leslie


Dr Uchenna Amaechi

GP, women's health specialist

Dr Teju Olaoye


What patients are saying

"I have often felt that my pain has been disregarded. At Bloomful, my experience was the complete opposite. Everyone I talked to wanted me to feel heard and respected."

Emma, 24

"Thank you for taking me seriously and for giving me a clear picture of my options. I would recommend this service to anyone looking for thoroughness and empathy."

Sarah, 36

"I came out of the meeting feeling hopeful. I had already voiced concerns to my GP and was dismissed but I'm finally being treated thanks to the advice from Bloomful's doctor."

Mia, 20

"All my questions were answered clearly and simply. I left the appointment feeling like I didn't have any gaps in my understanding. I wish I had this service in my early 20s."

Lauren, 31

We’ve helped more than 35,000 women get to know their gynae health

Note from our founder

As a doctor, I’ve seen first-hand how women’s health can be deprioritised; getting a diagnosis can be a long, fragmented process, with treatment often based on trial and error.

I founded Bloomful to deliver a more streamlined and personalised experience for women. My vision is for true healthcare equity - that’s what drives me every day.

Dr. Dupé Burgess
Founder and CEO, Bloomful

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