Body Talk

Simple and enlightening health guides for women

Learn how to maximise the chance of conception as your fertile window narrows.

A deep dive into symptoms, causes, and treatments.

Sex that hurts can stem from a variety of factors. A sexual health expert guides us through her diagnostic approach.

Over half of women are affected by UTIs. An expert debunks common myths and shares the most effective solutions.

Most people will experience symptoms before they reach menopause. Here’s all the info you need to be prepared.

POI is a significant condition with consequences that extend beyond fertility.

A few simple tests can help you uncover whether you have this common endocrine disorder.

If your period throws you off course each month, you might have a little-known condition called PMDD.

Is irritable bowel syndrome making your menstrual symptoms worse?

Set yourself up for success with actionable advice from Bloomful's Clinical Lead.

How to identify the symptoms of this painful condition and prevent long-term health issues.

Find out how you can improve your fertility and reduce the risk of complications.

When is your period considered irregular and could it be signalling an underlying condition?

Bloomful's Clinical Lead explains why you should never ignore a painful period and what you can do to calm those debilitating cramps.

How do you avoid appointment nerves and what can you say to convince the doctor your symptoms warrant further investigation? We cover it all.

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