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The average cost of a private gynaecology appointment is an eye-watering £200-300. The team behind Bloomful believes in bringing quality care to women everywhere, no matter their income or postcode.

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Our world-class team of doctors has a wealth of experience from leading hospitals in the UK.

From the community

“For the first time ever, I felt listened to.”

Millie, 26

"I left the appointment feeling like I didn't have any gaps."

Evgenia, 31

"After being repeatedly dismissed by my GP, I am finally being treated thanks to Bloomful."

Mia, 28

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Why see a specialist?

The average wait time to see a gynaecologist is 16 weeks. Bloomful connects you to an expert within days. Here are some common symptoms and conditions we can help you investigate and treat:

• Fertility issues
• Changes to your menstrual cycle
• Bleeding outside your period
• Heavy periods
• Stomach cramps
• Pelvic pain or discomfort
• Pain during/after sex
• Bleeding during/after sex
• Bowel & bladder health
• Fibroids and polyps
• PCOS symptoms
• Endometriosis symptoms
• Perimenopause and menopause symptoms
• Hormone fluctuations

Our £59 discounted package (normally £79) includes:

✓ 30-minute online consultation with Bloomful gynaecologist

✓ Personalised recommendation plan delivered to you within 3 working days

Select a date to speak to the doctor and reschedule or cancel up to 24 hours before your consultation:

Other services

PCOS hormone test

from £69

Get a blood test kit sent to your home followed by a detailed report with actionable recommendations.

✓ Discreet packaging

✓ At-home test kit sent by post

✓ Personalised report written by gynaecologist

Free health assessment


Find out what could be causing your symptoms.

✓ 3 minutes to complete

✓ Learn about common gynae conditions

✓ Receive a copy of your results

Bloomful intro call


Unsure which option is right for you? Have an initial chat with our founder Dr Dupe Burgess.

✓ 20-minute video consultation

✓ Talk through your health concerns

✓ Get guidance on next steps

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