Employee health benefits that enable your female workforce to thrive

Elevate your organisation's productivity with Bloomful's comprehensive digital platform, empowering your female employees to bring their best selves to work and achieve their highest potential.

The lifecycle of female employees is full of hidden health concerns

How employers support women’s health impacts their commitment to a company.


of women's work absences are due to gynae health issues.


more female workers experience ill health compared to male workers.


is the annual cost to UK businesses from lost productivity due to gynae health symptoms.

Bloomful delivers a single space where employees can manage their health needs.

Comprehensive care for your team

Symptom triaging

Immediate insights from our exclusive assessment tool.

1:1 consultations

On-demand appointments with women’s health experts.

Hormone tests

At-home test kits accompanied by doctor-authored reports.

Curated content

Easy-to-digest health guides designed for busy professionals.

The bottom line

✓ Attract world-class talent

67% of women are more likely to accept a job when there is a menstrual policy in place. Prove you mean business when it comes to women's wellbeing.

✓ Increase productivity

Gynae care is complex. Offer specialised support and safeguard your company from costly setbacks that ripple through the workforce.

✓ Make data-driven decisions

Understand your staff through anonymised data. Identify smart solutions, boost productivity and maximise your results.

What patients are saying

"I have often felt that my pain has been disregarded. At Bloomful, my experience was the complete opposite. Everyone I talked to wanted me to feel heard and respected."

Emma, 24

"Thank you for taking me seriously and for giving me a clear picture of my options. I would recommend this service to anyone looking for thoroughness and empathy."

Sarah, 36

"I came out of the meeting feeling hopeful. I had already voiced concerns to my GP and was dismissed but I'm finally being treated thanks to the advice from Bloomful's doctor."

Mia, 20

"All my questions were answered clearly and simply. I left the appointment feeling like I didn't have any gaps in my understanding. I wish I had this service in my early 20s."

Lauren, 31

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