Bloomful gives you a flexible, customised journey of support to help you understand and manage your gynaecological health

Before Bloomful

Women went through a long and chaotic journey - multiple GP visits, 18 month waiting lists for the gynaecologist - to get help for their women's symptoms. Women felt unheard and their preferences were often dismissed. Most women felt their women's health knowledge was inadequate but online advice felt generic and impersonal.

After Bloomful

Women can contact a gynaecologist directly, through chat- or video- based conversation. Women are listened to, triaged with empathy and given options which are explained to them. Journey times are days and weeks, instead of months and years, and women feel much better informed about gynae health.

Unlimited chat-based support

No appointment needed! Our team of health professionals are available on-demand, whenever you need, to give you personalised medical advice, guidance and day-to-day support around your gynaecological health.

Virtual consultations

Our gynaecology team are available to explore and help you navigate your gynaecological health concerns. Our friendly medics will assess your symptoms, provide advice and guidance and discuss treatment options with you.

Deeper diagnostics

Get additional diagnostics through Bloomful. Whether it be blood hormone testing, ultrasound scans or psychotherapy - we'll help you navigate the journey and understand your health, on a deeper level.

Curated content and accessible programmes

  • "I want to optimising my body for future fertility"
  • "I'd like lifestyle advice for PCOS"
  • "I need help managing my endometriosis pain"

Bloomful helps you prioritise your concerns, then takes you on a personalised education journey to deeply understand your gynae health. Our accessible programmes, digestible content, info cards and bite-sized videos from experts are available through our membership.


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