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Reshaping workplaces so they are more responsive, inclusive, and supportive of women's health needs.

Two-thirds of women face workplace menstrual challenges

Yet only one in 10 receive adequate support from their employer.

We need urgent action to help workplaces adapt to women’s health needs and foster confidence and resilience in their professional journeys.

About the survey

We're on a mission to learn about the real experiences of women in the workplace regarding their reproductive and menstrual health.

By gaining a deeper understanding of your experiences, we can work together to drive positive change and help employers create workplaces that truly champion women's well-being.

Ready to make an impact?

Your input to the survey is strictly confidential.

Responses will be anonymised and aggregated to protect identities, and no personal details will be shared or disclosed with employers or third parties.

The survey takes around 15 minutes to complete.

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Share your women's health experiences, whether related to the workplace or not, in more detail.


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